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for Core Space and eSpace mainnets

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ℹ️ Information

❓ FAQ / How-to

What amount of CFX do I get from these faucets?
These faucets will send you 0.02 CFX for Core Space (for time being) and 0.02 CFX for ESpace (for time being). This amount will be enough for 3-10 transactions on either Conflux Core Space or Conflux eSpace. Faucets aim is to provide easy transition from other blockchains via bridges, to provide some CFX to do a few transactions - for.ex. trade bridged USDC to CFX on SwappiDEX.
It is recommended to keep around 2 CFX in your Conflux Core Space and Conflux eSpace wallets for transactions and contract interactions.
You can use the faucets one time a day per wallet and 5 times max in total. There is also IP address restrictions in place to prevent abuse.
Try disabling VPN if you cant claim from the faucet.
A Faucet, what is it?
In cryptocurrency world Faucet is commonly used to get some cryptocurrency to empty wallet to get few transactions done and get to know the cryptocurrency more closely by actually using it.
These Faucets provide you CFX cryptocurrency tokens of Conflux cryptocurrency. The Conflux Faucets tool's backend and frontend is Open Source on Github - excluding the backend queue handling.
What can I do in the Conflux ecosystem and/or how do I earn more CFX?
There is plenty to do in Conflux ecosystem:

1. Bridge your assets to Conflux from Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Fantom, Tron (and many many more)
using cross-chain bridges from Meson, Celer cBridge, Shuttleflow, BoringDao
or buy CFX from exchanges or DEXs like KuCoin, Binance, OKX, PancakeSwap. (Links below)

2. You can then use your assets on:
  • Swappi DEX on Conflux eSpace. You can swap you tokens here and also farm and stake there. Swappi is the equivalent of Pancakeswap on BSC or Uniswap on Ethereum.
  • Moonswap DEX on Conflux Core Space. You can swap your tokens on both exchanges and farm and stake on Moonswap. It's the equivalent of Sushiswap on Ethereum with embedded NFT marketplace. Moonswap also has few blockchain games available.
  • Stake your CFX tokens on various Proof-of-Stake Pools to get share of lucrative 10-20% APY! All the Pools are run by community and thus decentralize the Proof-of-Stake protocol on Conflux. Please do your own research before investing.
    By Staking you are also eligible for future Conflux airdrops. One of the airdrops which have already happened (3M PPI tokens)!
  • Deposit and Borrow your tokens on Goledo Finance crypto lending platforms to gain lucrative GOL token rewards.
  • Liquid stake your CFX (LSD) tokens in Nucleon or PHXVerse V2 and receive xCFX or cCFX - the PoS staked CFX tokens which you are able to use again on the Conflux ecosystem freely - like swap it in Swappi for USDT if you wish, or farm xCFX/CFX or cCFX/CFX Liquidity Pools on Nucleon or PHXVerse V2 to get NUT or PHX tokens.
  • + Lots of other new projects are in the making in the new Conflux eSpace ecosystem!
3. You can also develop your DeFi or NFT projects on both Conflux Core Space and Conflux ESpace!
Conflux has grant programs for development teams and projects to get started and funded!

4. Also to mention. Conflux is a decentralized Proof-of-Work blockchain. So you can also:
  • Mine CFX with your Graphics Card.
  • Run a Conflux node for.ex. providing mining a pool or run a node for your own DeFi, DAO or NFT projects.
  • Run your own Proof-of-stake Pool by running a Conflux PoS node.

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